Live with Love ~ Adventure with Passion


Oct 2022 we were drawn to travel to Egypt. This is what we experienced.


We've talked about this trip so often, it was time to check it out in Sept 2022.

Goddess Energy in Cancer New Moon

The new moon no matter what sign it happens to be in, is always a good time to start something new s...

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When you lose someone

When you lose someone, nothing else matters. When the loss is your partner I can't imagine. It's har...

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Love Languages

The Love Languages became a popular way to look at relationships when Gary Chapman wrote the book th...

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Name It - Claim It - Aim It

Do you feel lost and confused - not sure which way to go?  Do this quick exercise to identify your s...

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Metabolic Power!

The first week of January was just a little too soon for me to jump into a new program. If I’m going...

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Visioning with Guided Art Meditation

We found a beautiful place to live indeed. So I'm brimming over with creativity! The Sunshine Coast ...

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The First Step is the Catalyst to Creation

There's always that first step that has to be taken to get things started and I talk about this righ...

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Age and the Concept of Time

Time can make you feel like you have no control as you age. Here are some ways to stay positive and ...

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Why Paint?

Time Simply Stands Still and Lets You Catch Up Beyond the obvious stillness and state of mind that c...

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Consistency is Key

Here's 5 ways to Create Consistent Habits that Stick. The time must be taken to create habits that s...

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Your Brain on Essential Oils

The Olfactory System in the brain picks up aroma almost instantly through the sense of smell, much f...

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5 Ways to Keep the Momentum Moving Forward

Can you feel your momentum? That Unstoppable Feeling that Fuels Itself By now I hope you are feeling...

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