Consistency is Key

Here's 5 ways to Create Consistent Habits that Stick.

The time must be taken to create habits that support our goals in the reputation we build in business, our health and relationships as well as the self care habits that keep our lives balanced.
Good health comes with consistent habits. We can only be our healthiest if we practice habits that support good eating, exercise and social interactions. I can’t go 25 days of the month binging on bad food and think that I can cleanse for a week and everything will be fine. I don’t think it works that way. My body is resilient and regenerative but at some point in the future those actions are not sustainable.
Healthy tasks must be carried out consistently everyday or your body and mind start to feel the effects of late nights if you’re not allowing yourself time to rest. Or you might start to feel isolated if you’re not making good social connections. Perhaps you’ve let too many people down over the years to feel there is any trust. Perhaps your habits have caused self doubt, or worse, shame or guilt. This can feel like an uphill battle to get out of these patterns, but it just needs to get started.
Building your empire does not happen overnight. It has to come from consistent habits to build the structure at least to get started. Many times progress happens exponentially once you put the first step forward. There’s a lot to be said for momentum in the process of growth.
I recently was made aware of one area in my business that I was being inconsistent. I had given it up and let it slip through the cracks. The real lesson for me was that everything I do, no matter how small, goes into the lifestyle I want to live and the feeling of contentment that I want to have. That one idea was sitting uncared for and I didn’t realize how heavy it sat with me until I paid attention to it. Mmm…
I have to stay focused on what I’m creating and become more aware of where there is no flow. If I’ve decided to change something, I have to let it go completely. This goes with relationships too, come to think of it.
When I started to look back at my earlier work, it was evident to me that there was more value there than what I was giving it credit for. We attach ourselves to the future person we want to be and sometimes we just have to get over ourselves and see we are already the person we want to be.
I don’t think this one little shift will change my life but I know the feeling of fixing it gives me more oomph to get back into flow with what I’m creating. I hope that this inspires you to become aware of what is falling through the cracks in your life.
Here’s 5 ways to make consistent habits stick:
  1. Plan ahead with a calendar – you can’t create an empire in your head.
  2. Set some deadlines for the main priorities in your life – get clear of your priorities first.
  3. Engineer your plan backward – you have to know the stages you will go through and when.
  4. Remember to have fun! You are meant to create purpose in life with your passion. If it’s not your passion, then why are are doing it?
  5. Be flexible and adaptable on your journey and remember to put yourself in someone else’s footsteps once in awhile to see a different perspective.