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Hope Bracelets with Chakra, Lava & Birthstones
Each one made to order, Kathy Johel intuitively tunes into the energy of your custom order to help you create your own design, her Hope signature charm is part of every one.
Fill out the form and Kathy will be in touch to confirm your final order.
Essential Oil Spray Infused with Biofeedback Frequencies

Dailaan Shaffer meticulously blends the highest quality essential oils for her sprays and infuses each bottle with Solfeggio frequencies to heal, balance and promote better health, better relationships and better sleep. Click the link for more information and connect with Dailaan to place your order.

Custom Made
Art Greeting Cards

Cynthia Miller offers her artwork on greeting cards, blank or with a specific greeting. Choose from her whimsical and often magical designs that suit the receiver. Or choose to order a box of artwork cards that can be used for any occasion. Click the link below to fill out the form to connect with Cynthia to place your order.