Our free offerings are designed to help you get grounded and feel your connection to all that is. Be in the flow of life with all the elements!

Distance Healing

Book a time from Cynthia's online calendar to receive your distance healing. Confirmation of your distance healing will be emailed to you.

At that time you are asked to sit in a relaxed setting to

Moon Magic

Keep this chart handy so you know the best time to take action and best time to rest. The energy of the moon can help you feel in the flow in all aspects of your life.


Chakra Chart


Here's a great reference to have on hand so you can feel your energy flowing and when it is blocked. These suggestions for stones, vibrations, colours, chants and affirmations will help to balance and feel your flow in harmony.

Re-Write Your Story

Print this form and fill out all the challenges you faced in the past and how it made you feel. Then reflect on how those experiences shifted your behavior to become strong, resilient or wise because of those challenges. This is who you are today. This is your re-written story.

Artwork Templates

Choose from a library of Cynthia's hand drawn artwork to use as templates to set up very own artwork.

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Yoga Nidra Recording

Our Yoga Nidra recording is set up on Sound Cloud. It's just over 35 minutes of guided relaxation that brings you into a deep yogic sleep awake state to set intention.

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Create Your Own Prosperity

Louise Hay has always been the expert of the Law of Attraction. These statements can affirm the mindset that everything is right in front of you. You can choose to prosper.

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