Name It - Claim It - Aim It

Do you feel lost and confused - not sure which way to go? 
Do this quick exercise to identify your strengths and if you want to go deeper, I'm referring you to someone who is delightful!

Name it, Claim it and Aim it was brought to me from a coach I've been working with, Patrick A, an Account Manager with doterra.

It's based on the premise that you've already gone through the Clifton Strength 
Assessment questionnaire to identify your top strengths. The end result is a list of your traits that are assigned specific ranking for your natural tendencies.

Once you identify them, you realize a deeper understanding of why some tasks come easy for you and why some are more challenging. You can apply this knowledge to your business or career and personal life as you learn how to bring your strengths to the surface and really shine.

You also learn to identify strengths in others and learn who is easy to work with if their strengths compliment yours.

The exercise that Patrick took me through was to “Name” 3 different strengths, “Claim” it by journalling how I can honour this strength and use it more. Then I journal how I'm going to “Aim” for that goal.

I must say that this is the nailing down part of coaching that brings out your personality to shine! We must identify it, claim it and make a plan to work towards it.
So I had to ask myself. How am I going to honour my strengths? Here's my top 5.

My top strength is “Connectedness”. I see the overall picture and how everything is connected. It's interesting that I now connect with people from all over the world when I host my events on zoom. I'm grateful that everyone had to learn the zoom platform.

Next one is “Strategic” and I know I have fun with this one as I love to look at different ways of approach. I've found over the years that I have vastly different viewpoints than most. I see the jewel amongst the fray without even trying.

Third on the list is “Futuristic” and for sure I use this one all the time.
I tend to look into the future and see it already complete. It comes easy to me to envision how I would like the future to be. I've built my businesses on this concept of being able to imagine my future and realizing it.

“Learner” is 4th on the list and of course this one is working all the time. I'm simply fascinated to learn about new practices or concepts or anything that peaks my interest. I love to learn about it all.

The fifth strength is “Relator” and I find that this is how I am with my clients. I can relate to most of what they say in my experiences and I draw upon intuition to guide me to help them. I find deep satisfaction helping others to learn how to help themselves.

If you're interested in doing your Clifton's Strengths assessment, there are very few coaches that can help you navigate your way through the questionnaire and then decipher the results like Namrata. 

I would highly recommend Namrata Dhasmana of India, a wonderful coach whose insight is uplifting and inspiring. She has won so many awards and was a speaker at our Activation Summit last year. This is what happens when you love connecting. I meet wonderful people like this!

You can find her on facebook here if you're open to be inspired.