Visioning with Guided Art Meditation

We found a beautiful place to live indeed. So I'm brimming over with creativity! The Sunshine Coast of BC is a melting pot of artists from many modes and many areas so there are many things to see. This is my adventure from the artist, host and retreater's perspective.

I have always loved to retreat. Not so I can do a group thing necessarily although I love that energy too. I love to retreat purely by myself. I get to input what I want into the time I have. And believe me it's scheduled out in the calendar. 

I've been looking forward to this time of year where I can hunker down and put some time into my projects knowing the fair weather is on it's way and before you know it, I will be outside pruning, pulling, digging, planting and all those good things with mother earth.

My focus to start this new year is my health, my goals for my business and how I'd like to treasure the time I am here enjoying life doing all the things I love to do. My interest right now is to allow my spirituality to evolve by practicing more and wasting less of everything.

We'll talk about my healing journey and if you can relate, that's great! My hope is that I can offer one gem for you to discover that takes you to the next step of your healing journey.

There is snow outside today Jan 31, 2023. We're through one month already and I feel ABSOLUTELY clear about where I am going this year. 

I've mapped everything out, I performed a meditative ritual to recreate a version of my chakras while creating my vision board. I included my sacred geometry 10 spheres from the flower of life and I have a working board that I am orchestrating everyday from my power stance. 

Here's how you do it: Stand with feet steady shoulder width apart and hands on the hips with chest out chin up. Doesn't that sound invincible! Try it out and let me know how you're doing.

Here's my video I'd like to share with you that guides you on my journey to create a vision of my coming years. I'm passionate about my projects and I'm excited to share my ongoing journey here.

Go to my YouTube channel and you'll see it here: