5 Ways to Keep the Momentum Moving Forward

Can you feel your momentum?

That Unstoppable Feeling that Fuels Itself

By now I hope you are feeling the momentum build as you create new habits that align with your goals for this year. You might be witnessing an unfoldment of your plan as you allow your actions to generate a movement forward. 

Momentum is the inertia created from putting one step in front of the other over and over again until it almost seems to carry itself. It’s one action after another that creates an unstoppable feeling with more and more input.
Momentum can also have backward movement if you let fear guide you. A downward spiral can perpetuate itself if you’re not willing to allow change to happen and the openness to say “yes” once in awhile.
Here are five actions and positive mindsets to help you continue moving forward to create momentum towards your end goal.

When making a plan or starting a project, it can feel overwhelming when you look at everything that must take place to accomplish the end goal. The secret is to divide it into sections and divide it again and again if needed and then focus on the smaller tasks within those sections.
The challenge is to not get caught up in the details and trust that it will unfold as you take the steps to make it happen. Remember that consistent tasks and actions toward the goal contribute to the momentum that starts to fuel itself.
You will notice that there is a need to pay attention to the moment right now that helps you focus on the task at hand.

Most steps or actions that need to be taken toward a goal are very simple by themselves, in fact they may be mundane tasks such as daily walks to stay fit, administrative tasks to get organized or a luxurious bath for more self care.
It’s the mindset about those tasks that is going to make the difference. Recall back to the time when you set your intention. You made an agreement with yourself that you are going to take steps toward that goal.
Now you must feed yourself with positive thoughts to do things like preparing your meals ahead so you can stick to a food plan that’s best for your health or set aside time for a relationship to flourish.
Tell yourself you are on a path to greatness, balancing all areas of your life with grace and ease. This is where you want to imagine the overall “feel good” accomplishment you are working toward as you do the mundane tasks.

If you don’t feel like you’re creating momentum in a forward movement, you may have to make a few changes to get it on track. You’re going to want to set a timeframe to gauge forward movement.
A reasonable amount of time must transpire to see results and feel that you are in fact going in the best direction right now. You may be doing something completely different from what you thought when you started, so you’ll want to do some objective self reflection and assess your progress.
Pay attention to how you feel as you acknowledge the accomplishments and measure your plan against your actual. This is a tedious process but weekly or quarterly reviews will give you indications to make adjustments and it is so worth the time and effort.

Now that a few weeks have gone by, you can see results with your new behaviour and you start to feel more empowered as you develop more trust in yourself. Your belief in what you’re doing seems to flow more easily and it doesn’t seem so frightening now that you’re more familiar with it.
The key here is to open up and let it flow. Be in the energy of receiving from all the seeds you’ve sown. It’s not going to feel or look exactly how you imagined it to be but this is where the universe has your back.
You’ve done your best to get things going and everything shows up for you that is required for your success; people, mentors, guidance, education, templates, webinars etc. It goes on and on because there is so much out there that is going to resonate with what you are doing. You just have to be open, allow the momentum to flow and keep feeding it.

Now that you’ve got the momentum flowing freely you can acknowledge the wisdom within and give thanks for connecting with your truth. When the momentum flows, you know you’ve hit the spot where there’s no turning back. You’ve got this.
When you rely on yourself to guide you to the places you feel drawn, you are free to create your life in the energy of conscious awareness, expanding and opening up as you flow with momentum. That’s the feeling you want to have.