Cynthia Miller, CHt is your host for online events that help you open up to possibilities not yet experienced. Join us for weekly Paint Circles, monthly Health Talks, New Moon Meditations and a Book Club!

Current Events

Tap into your creative side with weekly online zoom watercolour classes with Cynthia on Thursdays.
We welcome beginners from all over the world who like to learn how to paint and stick with it for awhile to see how it develops.
Cynthia offers a year long option for frequent and infrequent painters. 

Chat with Cynthia online zoom to learn how to create the lifestyle of your dreams. Focusing on the whole of the mind, body and soul, Cynthia brings unique ideas to honour your body so you take care of it with ease and grace.

New Moon Meditations help you visualize your body healing and when you focus on a detailed area, allow the energy to flow and believe, your body will love you.

Our Book Club this year will help you wake up the creative part of your brain. Whether you are an artist or like to feel creative, the exercises and content of Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain will certainly inspire. Join us for our first meeting on Wed Sept 6 at 10AM or 4PM or both to dive into this brilliant practice of feeling your left and right side of your brain. It's truly extraordinary how it benefits all aspects of your life. Relationships, emotional wellbeing and self confidence emerge with this practice. Hope to see you there!