When you lose someone

When you lose someone, nothing else matters.
When the loss is your partner I can't imagine.
It's hard for me but what about their spouse, mother, sister?
I can't imagine.
In my business of imagining, I can't imagine.

When you lose someone, you learn about them.
The Celebration of Life reveals to you all you didn't know.
All the medals you won, all your friends that mourn with me.
To celebrate your life is to expose you.
To talk about how amazing you were, still are in my memory.

Remembering my time with you, maybe you didn't talk about yourself so much.
Maybe now I see more of you.
I see your conviction and what you were doing.
I see your faith in learning something new.
I'm happy to know you more but I'm missing you immensely just knowing you're not here anymore.
I know you're there, but you're not here sweet one.