Let's blast through the blocks to your creativity with simple watercolour creations. 
Join us on Zoom online and be inspired with pre-determined designs of sacred geometry, symbols, crystals, dream catchers and more. Be calm, relaxed, in the present moment as you are guided through a creative visualization to ground and be in the moment, activation your creative self.

2 Session Times on Thursdays
Choose Your Time:10am or 4pm Pacific Time
Choose Your Plan: 6 month,1 year, or 1 Session Drop In

How does Paint Circle work?

Register for our Paint Circle and you receive an Introduction to Watercolour Video to help you set up.
A template and link to the call will be emailed to you weekly and when you join us at that time you will be ready to go.
You will have the template traced or drawn onto your watercolour paper and you will have everything ready to start.
You will be guided and supported as we journey through the creation of mandalas, yoga ladies with chakra energy, crystals, dream catchers and other sacred symbols and earthly delights.
Ease into the craft if you're new so you feel your self expression expand as time goes on. Many tips and tricks will be shared to enhance your piece. 
I look forward to our fun and creative time together!

2023 Schedule of Thursday Paint Classes 10am or 4pm PST


April 27 "Mandala" Have ready a few sizes of bowls and circular lids to trace round rings for your template. We will paint the rings with a theme and doodle the work with black gel pen.
May 4 "Somewhere in Portugal" is a study in the texture of pottery and plaster. Set in front of an old wooden door, you could be anywhere in the Mediterranean. Have the design drawn and ready to go on your 140 lb watercolor. 

May 11 Our beautiful "Ammonite" is sacred geometry we find in nature in a pattern that swirls from the Fibonacci sequence.
May 18 Dive into the underwater and discover the magic of the "Mermaid Goddess Sedna".

May 25 The magnificent "Saguaro Cactus" is the subject matter for this week's artwork. Some as old as 100 years grow in the desert of red sand and hills with sunsets of pink.


June 8 The beautiful blue Iris is in bloom in my garden, a little late but calling to be painted. 
June 15 "Hamsa Hand" can be created with many different designs and this is a fun way to bring in colour and design with the final black gel pen.

June 22 "Tree House" is an imaginary home surrounded with mushrooms and fire flies complete with a smoke stack.

Cynthia Miller, an artist at heart.

Cynthia Miller an Artist?

One day Cynthia picked up a brush with watercolour and was amazed at how the colours and composition came together. It was love at first experience as it took her away from a busy time of her life. What joy to move colour with water and watch it evolve.
Only a few lessons later and she was hooked but time did not allow further development so it stayed on the back burner for some time. By the time 2020 had rolled into spring 2021, art pieces littered her home and she needed to share her practice with others. Now you can join her and have some fun!