The First Step is the Catalyst to Creation

There's always that first step that has to be taken to get things started and I talk about this right now because we are in the week of new moon energy and it's the best time to take a step out and take action. I'd like to help you with this.

If you're tuning into this energy yourself and you can feel the flow to merge with, you accept that it's bigger than you. In accepting that, you can feel when there is flow and when it's easier for you to allow it to happen, it moves with a greater intensity. 

The momentum builds from there, continuing to pull all the pieces together to move it along it's way, whether it's a shopping list or a multi million dollar business deal there is movement through it.

At some point you become further down the timeline and you can look back and remember the first step was not so bad. You can see where you allowed the rest of the steps to roll in and let it grow to fruition.

Once you get through the stages of a project, it starts to take a form on it's own and the struggle for the first step has long been forgotten. This is where you want to visualize yourself in the future and looking back at today's self. How would you like to view yourself today from the future?

The culmination of it all depends on the first step. It sounds easy enough yet it has become the illusive piece to get things going. 

Here are the 5 ways that came to me about first steps.

If you've had a longing to move or do a big travel trip take the first step and start doing the research, eating the kind of food you might encounter, get into the feeling of it before deciding to go so you will feel confident making the decision. Imagine how you would be waking up and what your daily activity would be. If it doesn't appeal to you, then you've taken the first step to eliminate where you don't want to go so you can move on to the next focus in your life. Take these valuable cues seriously. 

If you've been thinking about getting together with someone and haven't taken the next step in evolving together, maybe it's gone as far as is good for you or maybe not. There comes a time when you want to figure something out in a relationship. “Are we good?” You must step up and communicate what it is that you want. Just communicate. That's the first step. If there is something holding you back from speaking up for yourself to express your needs, practice. Everything become easier when you practice. Get the words together ahead of time that you want to use to express how you feel. Get really clear on this. Then you can decide if you really want to voice it that way or not at all. 

If you are thinking about expanding your education with a course or program that suits one of your interests and you're not quite sure if it's for you, ask yourself how you could experience a sampling of what you're interested in. Set up a mini schedule so you know you have the time to start with and put some hours into learning what can find for free. Read the articles, reviews and go to the online stores to poke around. Make sure you leave any decisions for 24 hours to sleep on it before you hit the register me button. As soon as you do a search you will see more of those online pages show up for you that are similar to what you just searched. There's going to be a lot of information so take your time to research. That's the first step.
If you think you might have an Entrepreneurial spirit within and you just haven't taken that first jump into it here's a tip that can be used across the board. Some people start with the marketing end of their business. They get overwhelmed and they don't even start. “I don't like being salesy.” You might have a practice that you're just getting started or you love what you do but no one knows you. Start with the transformation you can help them with. Set up a client process for you to take them through so when they come forward you will be ready. You want to on board your clients with ease. You are the host at the door bringing them in. The first step is to open the door. This means that you show up with your service or product as if this is the biggest event ever and you are going to show up 100% all in. Otherwise you sort of have a business on the side. Sometimes.

If you've had inclinations to have a more in depth spiritual practice and you're wondering how to do that? Maybe you're not sure how to get started because it's the unknown. It's something new that isn't tangible so a difficult thing to step into but we face the unknown every day. If you have an interest in the metaphysical or spiritual realm, follow that feeling. That's what it's all about. Follow your feelings, that's the first step. You must be the explorer, the listener, the observer and the assessor. Then you must be the decision maker and action taker. Surrender yourself to it.

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