From the mundane moments to spectacular celebrations,
learn to live your life in flow. 

When you follow your heart and Live From Your Soul,
you tune into energy that is here for you right now so 
you no longer feel distracted to be elsewhere.

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What is Live From Your Soul?

To live from your Soul is living life freely and fully knowing you are worthy of every beautiful moment on this earth. You look forward to your day ahead, loving every moment of it because you've designed this life around your wants, needs and desires, in conjunction with external circumstances that you have managed to navigate. Look at what you have accomplished! You are living from your Soul, when you look at your life and recognize the gifts in the struggles. 

If you are not living in flow with an inner knowing so strong it amazes you everyday, then join Cynthia for a call and explore how she can help you expand to become clear so you can create. 

How will this help me?

With Cynthia's guidance and support, you learn how to feel the energy that is here for you in relation to your life. 

You learn how to open up to a more expansive outlook that supports where you want to be and how you want to live. 

As you allow yourself to expand awareness and shift your perspective, your thoughts and actions align and you feel in flow. 

Your relationships change as you act and react from your heart and soul, not from emotional overwhelm.

As you practice, your confidence and belief in yourself grows and you find your natural rhythm to manifest in alignment with purpose and passion.

This is the Program

  • 90 days of transformational coaching with Cynthia Miller
  • One 2 hour zoom call per week to go over content of assignments for a total of 12 calls.
  • Homework reviewed to ensure consistent value from the program.
  • Chakra Healing and Reiki sessions to balance and strengthen your energetic footprint in your individual way. 
  • Planetary alignment discussions with basic knowledge given current times and how it affects us.
  • Access to numerous videos and handouts to encourage and support you.
  • Freedom to be yourself knowing your unique gifts are needed to make the world a better place.
BONUS OPTION: 2 night Retreat
Be sure to book a call at the link below to find out more about this program.
Live From Your Soul.

Private Intuitive Coaching with Cynthia

RECEIVE Intuitive Readings to see what you've been missing.

LEARN what to do when ENERGETIC spirals suck you into being someone you're not.

LEARN how to tap into your inner wisdom and have confidence to listen to it.

BE the SPIRITUAL Being you know you are & feel the connection to the sacredness of all that is.

What are you choosing in this moment to make that happen?

Cynthia Miller as your Guide.

Speaking her voice has not always been easy for Cynthia, feeling shy and unimportant for most of her life. It has been through helping others that wisdom grew and gave her wings to fly. 

Cynthia believes that everything we need to live our life in peace is right in front of us. It is the power of choice that takes us there.


“Each time I talk to you, I learn something new or get affirmation for what I'm doing is in order. I credit you for giving me the space I needed to feel this. You have a beautiful soul and it shows in everything that you do. Thank you for helping me to open up and understand myself so much more now. You are clearly doing something you are meant to do.”

“Before I came to you I was anxious and judgemental and I had lost my passion for life. I was feeling pretty down about myself. You seemed to know how to listen to me and helped me to get myself back on track. Thank you for allowing me the space to do my work. You truly have helped me turn a corner in my life. I feel clear now about what I have to do and how to move forward.”

"This retreat was exactly what I needed at this low and challenging point in my life. As a single working mom of a child with special needs I was completely burnt out and had lost my joy in life and my self in caring for and supporting others. 
This retreat used tools and supports that helped me to reconnect with my inner and authentic self to figure out what I need to do to get my joy and life balance back. 
It also provided practical tools like ways to quiet my mind to help me get to sleep when my mind is cluttered.
A lovely setting, wonderful host and delicious food!
Thank you!"

"Such a treat to be in an outstandingly beautiful spot with a wonderfully gracious host! Thank you Cynthia for the many delicious breakfasts and insightful conversations about manifestation and speaking to the universe. Conversations with you were always enjoyable. Our stay here at your retreat is not one we will soon forget and our recommendation of you to our family and friends will be easy!"

"A couple nights at Pacific Peace Retreat was just what I needed coming out of a dark winter. It was the perfect place for me to reflect on the life changes I knew were just ahead. Time to feel free. To explore. To enjoy the sounds of nature without city noise. Though it was rainy, and I didn’t have a chance to explore the beach I knew was 5 minutes away, the view was breath-taking! And the quiet so welcomed.

I felt warm and cozy in the comfortable ambience of the guest suite. Cynthia doesn’t just welcome her guests; she holds space for them. She not only provides physical comfort; her forte is nourishing her guests with fresh food and centering practices that honour their needs of the moment and their unique life journey. I have visited several times and I will be back again!"

What a pleasure to be able to relax after all the years of stress and discomfort after the car accident. My partner thinks it was some sort of a miracle!

"Cynthia provides a wonderful healing space for anyone seeking to renew themselves, to overcome feeling stuck or to get on a new track in life. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend retreat at Pacific Peace. The house is located overlooking the expansive Sechelt Inlet. Cynthia provides nourishing meals and tea. I loved the reiki, hypnotherapy and scalp massage. Cynthia has the ability to tune right into you, what is going on with you and sense some shifts you want to be making in your life. I felt completely understood and supported. I liked the balance between time with Cynthia and time to walk on the beach, to hike on the trails nearby and to write in my journal. A very worthwhile time spent. Thank you"
“I have been able to let go of low self worth and forgive myself after a few days with Cynthia. She has taught me that by taking care of myself, I can learn to love myself again. I feel like I have dissolved a wall around my heart”.

“I feel like I've recreated the belief in myself with the help of Cynthia. You've given me many tools that will help me to be the person I know I can be. I feel more truthful looking at the blocks that used to hold me back. I feel light now.” 
“You've given me tools to help me reconnect with my inner authentic self and to figure out how to get my joy and balance back. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for helping me to realize that I am not alone, that I can let things unfold and my needs will always be met. The universe has my back and I am opening up to good fortune and lessons to be learned. Letting go of control is good.”

“Thank you for helping me to let go of perfectionism. I know it has been holding me back and now I feel completely free of it. It helped me to be open to looking at my life differently and rewriting my story. I see my strengths now.”
"I was looking for a place to get away as I was feeling overwhelmed with chronic back pain and trying to juggle many things in my life.  I wasn't eating or sleeping well and had a poor outlook.
Cynthia welcomed me to her beautiful retreat and over three days I experienced the perfect balance of rest and relaxation, movement, healing treatments - and I slept like a baby.  Her food and handmade juice blends were absolutely delicious and energizing.  The healing treatments were effective and I feel coming away with a new 'toolbox' from which I can use practically, when I need to. I highly recommend this oasis for anyone just needing to get away, be beautifully nourished and genuinely cared for."

"Thank you for a wonderful Retreat getaway - just what my heart, soul and mind needed. Beyond all the work we did together - your retreat is a beautiful place to reconnect and listen to the inner voice. Cynthia you are a lovely, gracious host and I will highly recommend anyone to come here."

It was a pleasure to meet you. It feels as though we have known each other forever. 
I have really enjoyed your insights and the services you provided.
The yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy was so comfortable in your great Zen Feng Shui room. I have finally been able to breathe thanks to your knowledge of essential oils.
Your location is gorgeous! I appreciated the forest bathing, ceremonial cleansing and burning bowl ceremony at the end of my stay."
"Cynthia helped me through a very difficult time in my life with hypnotherapy. It helped me overcome fear and helped me to believe in myself so that I was able to fight the disease that had taken over my life.

Hypnosis helped to relax me so that I was able to sleep better. It brought calm to my daily life that enabled me to see clearly and focus on getting better. My friends and family could see that it helped me and in doing so, gave them confidence in me and my healing.

Hypnosis has brought joy to my life as I learned the benefits of releasing emotions that do not serve me."