Metabolic Power!

The first week of January was just a little too soon for me to jump into a new program. If I’m going to change my daily routine, I have to feel completely ready to go. It is now time for a reset and hopefully a transformation. 

I haven’t gone through a real health transformation in awhile but I remember wondering when in my life I might need to. These last 2 years have left me feeling less than my usual level of energy and patience and I feel that I am increasingly less active.

I’m upset the world is the way it is and I have very little control of it. But I can control how I manage my little world and I how it affects my outlook and attitude. And I’m going to start with the energy I am creating, my mindset and my checklist ;0
I feel that I’m ready.

The doctors and executives of the company that produce the metabolic boosting system I'm taking for my health reset are absolutely amazing!. They help so many people with their Healing Hands Foundation and the quality of their products are top of the line.

I believe they have what it takes to help me and this is what I will write about over the next 60 days - perfect timing for a transformation.

The System is called MetaPWR - Metabolic Power!
It consists of a blend of essential oils that are easily digested in my drinking water, in capsules, edible beads and chewing gum which I will talk about in a moment. The taste makes it very easy to drink more water which we know is good.

The Star of the program is a blend of 9 types of marine collagen combined with NMN and other ingredients to target cellular integrity and health span. Different types of collagen do different things.

Some look after nurturing your nails, hair and skin and others support lean muscle and tissue while other types contribute to cognitive function. This helps to slow aging and support natural production of NAD+ to give your cells what they need for cellular integrity.
Most collagen products out there only have 1 or 2 types, so you can see right there, the difference in this product. Delivery of the collagen product “Advantage” is powder into a small glass of water taken earlier in the day once per day. 

I take 2 Metabolic blend capsules through the day, same as the oil I put in my water. The beads consist of 1/4 drop of this blend and they included chewing gum in this system to help curb the cravings. Luscious oils in this blend are Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon Bark.

I want to mention that I already take doterra's quality supplement, LifeLong Vitality with 1/2 dose per day.

I take an “Assist” capsule 15 to 30 minutes before my largest meal of the day that helps with blood sugar levels. It has mulberry leaf extract to help metabolize what I eat more slowly.

I was told that I didn't have to change any current habits to feel the effects of this program, but it doesn’t make sense to me to go against my goal here with habits that don't support weight loss, better muscle tone and fine tuning my eating habits.

My goal is to shift my posture to feel more air energy, get my body moving out into the earth energy, let my emotional well being feel more fluid like water and to light a fire within me that propels into amazing health this year. 

Feels good to me! I'll let you know how it goes!