Goddess Energy in Cancer New Moon

The new moon no matter what sign it happens to be in, is always a good time to start something new so the week following the new moon is when we will feel this energy. It's like a refresh and a very good time to start something new.

Now this is not the only time to start something new but this is the time when the energy most aligns with it. It's a reset, restart and rebirth kind of energy.

And it doesn't mean you want to jump into something without doing the research required to make a decision. It's simply the energy that is best for doing those things. If you can feel that energy – like you want to jump into something at the new moon time of the month, then I'd say you're aligning with that energy.

When you can feel that and you feel what's going on at that time, then I would say you're in flow. And who doesn't want to feel in flow with that ease and knowing?

Now every month the moon moves through the astrological signs and this month with a new moon in Cancer it's all about family, self care and the home.

Those are the things we want to focus on during this time, or at least listen to messages or signs that come your way about these things. If you feel like you've been neglecting yourself or your family, this is the time to get back into self care and home care.

Nurturing – allowing – holding – supporting – giving – all these things lead us to our talk about living in Goddess energy for the new moon meditation this month. The feminine energy of being the one that opens your arms to give the love where it is needed, paying attention to those that require support.

Now remember, to do this in Goddess Energy is to not forsake your own needs.

You still pay attention to where you are and what you require to be your best. This is a time to put your family first and you are part of that circle. It's you as one but also as part of the whole.

It's the time of a new cycle, perhaps there are changes going on with your family life, perhaps you've thought about how it would be good to get closer to someone – acting that out is Goddess Energy.

Perhaps you know you have to make plans for the future, business or personal.

When you are looking forward with plans and invitations and putting your desires out there – this is Goddess Energy. It's an energy where you are confident knowing you are doing everything you can to support others around you while manifesting your own purpose at the same time.

It's knowing you're doing what you're meant to do. It's looking after yourself so you can be there for others. It's being the best you can be.

Cancer New Moon can be a very emotional time. It's a water sign so it's a movement that goes where you allow it. Water will flow where there's an opening. If there are blocks up then it holds the water back.

This is the same with emotions. Sometimes they just come up and if you bury them or hold them back it doesn't get resolved.

So just like water flows, sometimes you have to let your emotions flow – and we've all felt the release when that happens. We know its difficult at the time – but there is release.

The Cancer sign is cardinal, meaning it initiates change – again perfect time for starting something new.

The moon rules the Cancer sign. Every astrological sign has a ruler so with Cancer – as you know that moon can cause some pretty crazy energy when it's full.  The moon affects the tides – either really really high or super low at these peak times. Same with emotions through the cycles.

To be more specific, Goddess energy is the feminine aspects of the whole of everything. It's more than the energy of being a female. We all have feminine and masculine energy, thoughts, movements, ideas, desires...

Many times I find that women have had to be predominantly masculine or at least the strong, aggressive energy to feel they're being heard in their world.

They have had to step out of the feminine energy of being passive and serving and step into more masculine energy to be able to survive.

So when we do this, we sometime lose touch with compassion and understanding. We just forge ahead to succeed at whatever we put our minds to.

What we want to focus on is to balance the feminine and masculine energy so we feel whole and harmonious.

I think this is what happens quite often. We go through our career with mostly masculine energy to compete and stay on top of the game no matter what field we choose. And then we get to a place where we forget what if feels like to be a loving compassionate human being.

We have to bring back the balance so we feel whole and good about ourselves.

Feminine energy is to be.
Masculine energy is to do.

So how do you tune into more feminine energy?

In your Meditation
  • ask questions as you ascend the relaxation scale
  • pause after each one and give time to the answers
what do I need to feel feminine energy in flow?
What do I need to change?
What can I do to bring more flow into my life?
What do I need to let go of?

Let any answers come to you easily and if there are no answers it's ok. Perhaps it will come tomorrow or the next day. Just keep asking the questions and give yourself time to listen.
Be the nurturer that your community needs.
Be the healer you know you are.
Be the Goddess to shine your light.