Almost Summer

It’s almost summer and we’ve just had our first rain in some time. The long June days still hold a touch of crisp cool breeze in the evenings but the late sun prompts me to stay outdoors a little longer. We’ve experienced a few of these cool nights on the deck with the fire table glowing, giving just enough heat to keep me there.

It’s a perfect spot for the fire, just beyond the edge of the canopy where we sit comfortably in our outdoor space. It gives me time for contemplation to just be and gaze at this amazing view of water, mountains, clouds and night sky. Many fallen stars have crossed our paths here over the years.

I’m in awe that 10 years has passed since first moving to this glorious place. My friend told me it will add years to my life being in this healing energy all the time and I think she was right. This feels in flow and has felt that way for some time. 

I have to say that feeling in flow is the ultimate. Not only does it feel good emotionally and the physical body does better when there’s balanced mental health, it means that our Soul shines when doing what we’re meant to do. This has been my experience as we evolved on this journey.

The way we got here was to jump into the unknown and go with a feeling I had from an idea to build a place where people come to heal. When this idea kept coming around and around in my mind with a feeling that was intensively attractive, I had no other way to go but to follow my heart.

I wanted to plan it out, sit down and map the way out but a dear friend and mentor said I couldn’t possibly do that. I would have to allow it to evolve and she was right! My vision long ago was lovely but I had to allow myself the failures along the way to teach me what I needed to see and I grew immensely simply by following my heart.

We are grateful beyond measure to everyone who has visited and revisited and those that are on their way here. Your support is appreciated and we invite you to visit again to experience perhaps something more. Every moment gives us something new.

The planning that did take place during the many pink sunsets so far this year brings together all the things I love to do in my offerings.

We have HEALING options in house at the retreat or on zoom from the comfort of your home.
You can book a Discovery Call here:

The BED & BREAKFAST with our central location gives you access to so many beaches and forest trails close by. The spacious private suite on the garden level provides indoor and outdoor sitting, a kitchenette and peaceful space for yoga, meditation and healing.
Check it out here:

Our weekly PAINT CIRCLES are online watercolour classes that attract global connections. I’ve posted art templates to download on our Shift Your Core website as well as instructional videos on YouTube with my tutorials.

We host monthly NEW MOON MEDITATIONS on zoom to talk about the current planetary vibrations along with my favourite HEALTH TALKS followed by a meditation. Our current talk is Yoga with essential oils.

I’m happy to say we opened our online gift shop “ANGELS OF AQUARIUS” with art, greeting cards and local products. You can find Kathy’s lava and birthstone bracelets, Dailaan’s frequency infused essential oil aura sprays and more and more of my art.
Angels of Aquarius Gift Shop:

My gardens have given me pleasure and grounding over the years and I keep thinking there’s something there yet to unfold for you. Please stay tuned for a series of videos I have in mind.

We’ve had a couple of BOOK CLUBS online and I’m ready for something in the fall. I have the book in mind, Betty Edwards' DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN for those that would like to learn how to tune into the creative part of the brain. We will have another one on perspective that will come early next year.

I am committed as always to carry out expansion in my world as I allow my intuition to be strong, my heart to lead the way and my body to adapt and be flexible and above all to be healthy.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Pacific Peace Retreat! It’s been an absolute pleasure in this role as Caretaker of this land and I look forward to the future unfolding with my steady partner whom I could not have done without on this amazing journey.