Clear with Focus & Energized with Stamina

I've learned a lot these 3 weeks since the start of the MetaPWR system, not only about the products and getting used to having them in my daily routine, but I'm also taming the rebel part of me to follow the checklist and do all the things toward this goal. I really love my freedom so I've taken on the believe that my ultimate freedom will be long lasting good health if I follow along.

I think I may need to revisit my goal more often and become even more clear with how I would like to be March 31, 2023.

The first 2 weeks of this system in my routine I am down 3 pounds. Now that doesn't sound like a lot but I always think of what a pound of butter looks like. So 3 of those is good!

I'm not one to hold water and my diet is lots of veggies so there's nothing I'm trying to fix. I'd like to be a smaller person, toned, strong and doing everything possible to age slowly and sustain good health through old age. We're all going that way so we may as well talk about what we're doing to make it easy.

I like how I feel. It's as simple as that. There's a definite difference in the absence of the sluggish feeling I sometimes feel in the winter. I'm still inside most of the time and I'm still wearing sweats but it just feels lighter.

I don't ache in my muscles except after long walks and lately I don't feel the same tightness as before I started the program.

It feels like my mind is more clear and able to focus. I would say that is the more impressive benefit I'm getting from this. I can keep my thoughts on one thing at a time.

I find that my stomach is grumbling in the morning which is unusual for me so I must be eating less to have this feeling. I usually keep myself happily looked after in the food department. 

I did not feel any difference in the tone of my skin until just days ago, about the 3 week mark. Lately I've noticed more smooth feeling on my arms and torso so that's a nice experience. It's the collagen that helps my skin feel soft and smooth. I've always had healthy nails but they had ridges. They don't seem to have that as much now.

My hair is usually very healthy and grows quickly so it's fun to see it even more healthy now.
I really don't feel like I've changed my habits to accommodate this program but I must admit there are a few things I've added to my list that I think have helped me even more.

I no longer drink wine or alcohol through the week and I tend to look to the weekend to take a day off the program to give my freedom part some air. I still take the oil in my water, the capsules and collagen.

I've gotten used to the taste of the drink and I know that it's part of my healthy future so I think I may just continue to have this daily even after the 60 days are up. It feels like a sustainable smart way to keep my energy up and my habits on track.

I hope that there are more effects as we move through the rest of the last month. I've been diligent in taking the capsules and collagen so I feel I've done my best. I still like my chocolate after dinner and sometimes some honey in my tea but other than that, sugar is not a big part of my life.

If you're thinking about this system and you tend to go toward sweets then this will help you curb your appetite toward those things that are not good for you. 

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