Designed to create the mindset that aligns with your higher purpose. If you feel there is more to life than how you are living it, this may be what you are looking for.
It's time to tap into the Sacred Being that you are by tuning into the guiding energy that is here for you.
Cynthia Miller of Pacific Peace Retreat, offers her virtual programs to help you live your life engaged in who you are, love that person and feel the flow of life easily and abundantly.

Increase your spiritual awareness and open up to Divine energy that is here for you now. More light, fluid energy and patterns of creative manifestation are all right in front of you. Let's clear out the lower energy beliefs to realize a life of limitless creation. You are powerful beyond your means but are you living at maximum potential? Join me to learn how to shine your light!

Paint Circle Art Therapy

Join us online to connect with other new watercolour artists and be inspired to create colourful, love filled images. 

Choose from morning or afternoon times and know that if you must skip a week or 2, you can easily pick up at the next scheduled time with 6 month and 1 year options.

At registration, Cynthia's Introduction to Watercolour video will be delivered via email with all the set up instructions to ensure you are ready to go at the time of the Paint Circle.

Live From Your Soul

Follow the Path of Your Heart in our 90 day program.

designed to experience shifts of awareness to lighten your Soul. Cynthia Miller, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer is your personal Guide and Mentor on your unique personal journey. 

If you feel out of balance with the natural rhythm to life this program can help you open up to be more aware, release what is in the way, experience confidence in healing yourself so you can visualize and choose where it is you want to go.