new moon meditations 2023

VISIONING with Cynthia

Set Your Healthy Lifestyle Intentions

Aquarius New Moon - Invite Your Healing Guides
Pisces Super New Moon - Live your Love Languages
Tues Mar 21, 10am - The Symphony of Chakra Energy
Wed Apr 19, 7pm - Lymphatic Activation 
Fri May 19, 8:30am - Attune to Reiki Energy
Sun Jun 18, 7pm - Yoga & Essential Oils 
Mon July 17, 11am - Live in Goddess Energy 
Wed Aug 16, 9am - Harvest the Gems in Life 
Thursday Sept 14, 6pm - Brain Health
Sat Oct 14, 10am - Cancel Cancel & Ho'oponopono
Mon Nov 13, 9am - Liver Health
Tues Dec 12, 3pm - Live in Abundance Energy

Pacific Time on Zoom

New Moon Meditations 

with Cynthia

I love the full moons but I find the new moon is where I can really jump in and start fresh! Join me to get motivated. 

Monthly chats and meditations that help you feel grounded, aligned and inspired. 
Until we meet again.
Always on zoom. Always in person.