Feed The Mind to Nourish Your Body helps you develop good eating habits with self care activities that honour who you are.

It's not as difficult as you may think.
Are you an emotional eater?
Are your habits out of control? 

Do you feel like anxiety is your default pattern?

If you've been distracted with family, global events or stories that pull you down into a rabbit hole of negativity and hopelessness, this program can help reframe how you talk to yourself so you feel clear and confident.

Do you put your needs on hold?

If you know you can do better, treat yourself better, love yourself more, but just can't seem to be consistent with activities that are good for you, jump in and see what we have in store.

Learn how to do the Lymphatic Cleanse to detox your body, listen to the powerful meditations to retrain your thoughts, practice yoga with intention and bring nutrient dense food to your menu so you feel the benefits of all that is available to you. 

What will this do for me?

The Feed Your Mind To Nourish Your Body part of this program provides direction for a gentle release of emotional, mental and physical toxins. Cleansing the body is important but it is the mind that releases the mental blocks that truly brings clarity.

Instructional videos with guided meditations create new thought patterns that support a healthy lifestyle. Your body knows what it needs but are you listening? 

Learn how to talk to your subconscious mind so it listens and understands what you want to create. 

How do I feed my mind?

Communicating to your subconscious mind with thoughts and ideas that support what you want to create is how you feed your mind. 

A very powerful message you can give yourself is to say that you crave healthy foods that are right for you. And it works! 

Self care habits become easy for you with Cynthia's unique meditations that focus on your worth to realize how magnificent you are!
Listen to Cynthia's calming voice to let your body become relaxed into the Theta state. Alpha is when you close your eyes and start to relax and Theta is the next deepest state of mind to relax into.




Get everything you need to make a shift with this aspect of our Live From Your Soul program including recipes, grocery list, recorded meditations, activity suggestions, prep work and bonus videos.

Cynthia's program is easy and can be done for a few days every month or quarter to maintain your health. 

Trance is key to Reprogram

Cynthia learned how to talk to her subconscious mind over 35 years ago and decided she would program herself to age slowly. Years later she realized the impact it made to feeling confident and in control.

Because the mind is highly suggestible in the state of Theta, this trance like feeling is key to success.

You are capable of doing great things when you get clear on what you want. You can intentionally incorporate commands to process the nutrients, to digest easily and aid your body to heal as you calm the vibration of your mind and body.

We have the ability to help our body heal with our mind. And it's good for the Soul! 

Make this your time to shift.

If you're ready to make the commitment to yourself to be better, stronger and more resilient in your mission to live a toxic free life, take a step forward and click the link to purchase.

Here's what you'll get:
Grocery List & Recipes to get you started.
Grounding Meditation to help you get clear.
Crave Healthy Foods Meditation to set good habits.
Instructional videos for Lymphatic Cleanse, Food Prep, Journal Prompts and product suggestions.
Bonus videos for Wheatgrass and Brain Food
Bonus meditations for Yoga Nidra and Sleep Better