Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

We offer this great program once again after experiencing shifts that took us beyond our drawing exercises into our daily lives. We collectively agreed after doing this work in the fall that we felt more curious and child like to be able to approach life from an open space, unattached to what we believed to be in the past. It truly was a shift in seeing. Betty Edwards delivers great lessons in her exercises and workbooks that help in our craft at life.
We will meet weekly from Jan 8 to Feb 26, 2024 to explore how to feel a shift in the way we think and see. 
Original publication, updated or current workbooks are good to use in this program.
Please join us for great conversation and inspiration to create.
Investment $39

START DATE: Monday Jan 8, 2024 

END DATE: Monday, February 26, 2024

WEEK 1 Jan 8
Chapter 1 - Drawing and the Art of Bicycle Riding
Chapter 2 - Expressing Yourself In Drawing: The Nonverbal Language of Art
Chapter 3 - Your Brain: The Right and Left of It

WEEK 2 Jan 15
Chapter 4 - Crossing Over: Experiencing The Shift from Left to Right
Chapter 5 - Drawing on Memories: Your History as an Artist

WEEK 3 Jan 22
Chapter 6 - Getting Around Your Symbol System: Meeting Edges and Contours

WEEK 4 Jan 29
Chapter 7 - Perceiving the Shape of a Space: The Positive Aspects of Negative Space

WEEK 5 Feb 5
Chapter 8 - Branching out in all Directions: Perspective in a New Mode

WEEK 6 Feb 12
Chapter 9 - Fitting it All Together: The Place of Proportion

WEEK 7 Feb 19
Chapter 10 - Facing Forward: Portrait Drawing with Ease

WEEK 8 Feb 26
Chapter 11 - Moving into the Third Dimension: Seeing Light, Drawing Shade
Chapter 12 - The Zen of Drawing: Drawing Out the Artist Within

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